If you're visiting our nation's capital, I am ready to help you plan a memorable trip! My staff can help reserve tours for many of the most popular sites in DC including the White House, the National Archives, the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, the Kennedy Center and the Department of State Diplomatic Reception Rooms.

In addition to these tours, my office can offer you a VIP tour of the U.S. Capitol. Capitol tours are offered on most weekdays and provide an up-close look at the federal government in action. The Capitol is filled with remarkable artwork, timeless political tales and an inspiring history that shouldn't be missed.

Please note that many of these tours fill up fast. White House tours begin filling up six months in advance of tour dates, and even some of those requests can't be filled. So contact my office as soon as possible.

Please visit my tour request page to begin planning your trip. Enjoy!

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